Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mine Own Private Genesis

I owe the people at Facebook a great deal. Because of their shortsighted and (from my perspective) foolish policies, I have begun two blogs: this one, and Mindbook, The Mad Aggregator's sister blog.

Without going too much into the details, suffice it to say that I was for six months or so using Facebook quite often. I had nearly 1000 Facebook "friends" with whom I was often in communication. Part of what I did there was to post links to a broad variety of web sites with information that I found useful, informative, entertaining, or otherwise fascinating. As I am a fairly adept and rapid researcher, I brought a generous offering of content to Facebook. I received much favorable (and no unfavorable) response from my Facebook friends. More and more people gravitated to my activity there.

And for this, Facebook deactivated my account.

Mindbook is a blog in which I explore ideas about poetry. It is an extension of a variety of conversations and encounters I had on Facebook and elsewhere. The Mad Aggregator will take over the other function Facebook was providing: it will be a forum for posting and discussing online discoveries.

I will post here as often as I find something worthwhile, which will be often indeed. The process of aggregating has been and will continue to be useful for me; I hope that this blog will make it useful for others.

As for Facebook: so long, suckers. I don't go where I'm not wanted.


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