Monday, July 20, 2009

Re-Runs of the Apocalypse (8)

One last morning under the pergola we discussed what had happened in the godhead's crucible, but the berries distracted us, we lost the thread, you touched my hand, and we were smoke.

Re-Runs of the Apocalypse (7)

Emil Schildt

It was never natural, not cosmic rays unspooling, epic failure of photosynthesis. The lovers were fuse and timer, thrusting seconds home.

Re-Runs of the Apocalypse (6)

Jason DeMarte

It was natural. Rivers divorced seas under the aegis of ending, tectonic plates shattered against apartment walls, all evolving closure.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Re-Runs of the Apocalypse (5)

It was not human. The bridges into the city were empty at midnight, the trains were silenced, bars dark: one great godflash, and lights out.

Re-Runs of the Apocalypse (4)

It was human. A double knot in the double helix hardwired them not to fate but inevitable accident: one molecule awry, everything collapses.

Re-runs of the Apocalypse (3)

Alexy Titarenko

It was no one's. A destroying wave passed through Being, positron to pulsar, invisible, unknown to them as they removed each other's skin.

Re-Runs of the Apocalypse (2)

a voice from the grave

It was not theirs. The boundaries betrayed them. Out of the core of their argument a shape arose, arsenical whirlwind, last word.