Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Singularities (9)

Mary Jo Aardsma

One moment under the steel sky a falcon gyred, then stalled in his striding on a ripple in the locus: then a spray of neutrinos: then void.

Singularities (8)

Harry Clarke

The vortex on the pond where the water strider had been was the sign not of the something that took it but of the nothing that did not.

Singularities (7)

The carnival of apocatastasis rolls into the galaxy not an eon too soon, setting up its canopy over the abyss so the sun can go out dancing.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Singularities (6)

We went to doctors; we went to priests; we ate strange powders, drank potions, fasted. When we died, our fever modulated into the key of sulphur.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Singularities (5)

Pompeii Dog

A nameless light in the night sky; the animal howls, gnaws his chain, and dies, not knowing the loss of the word "dog," the name "Pompeii."

Singularities (4)

When the monkey she'd let in her bed revealed himself, she saw the problem with the Great Chain of Being was not the being, but the chain.

Singularities (3)

The grandmother told a story as they walked, of a girl walking with her grandmother into the forest where a wolf and a girl told a story.

Singularities (2)

The labyrinth of gravity solved simply by converting string theory to thread, she slew the minotaur of density and floated out of history.

Singularities (1)

The work was done in her tiny garden dark with the shadow of an office building that lay over her peonies like a bruise or an event horizon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Canon (8)

The slaves brought stones from a quarry; they were made to shape them, pile them up, and ascend, blindfold, the stairway of their own sweat.

Canon (7)

They wrote a wall in the forest; ages they raised it, letter by letter, and in the end they stood behind it, but the enemy was illiterate.

Canon (6)

All she found was vital, anything en masse a collection. After years, from the massed material (string, paper, dust), the house mutated.

Canon (5)

Theodoor Galle

She was reading a book on the bus: soldiers, betrayals, executions; it absorbed her as the bullet smashed the window just before her stop.

Canon (4)

Caspar Plautius

He might have slept, but the thump of blades on wood startled him, and the muffled screams ahead, and the fighting not to lose his place in line.

Canon (3)

Filippo Morghen

What he had constructed contained all the necessary elements for levitation, but his ascension was thwarted by an opaque cloud of words.

Canon (2)

On a shelf above the Ark, where a cherub, deploying tamed cyclones, supervised the dusting, God set his beloved collection of shrunken heads.


Moonlight through the harp cast a shadow of the angel gathering poems from the desktop, sucking their souls through to Poetry.